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Please provide links to older versions

Jun 13, 2011 at 4:55 PM

Older versions worked perfectly, with a nice big grid for positioning and sizing windows and the convenient CTRL+SHIFT shortcut. The latest release has a number of problems:  

  1. The grid used to position and size windows has been reduced to just 6x6. As a result, windows become either too big or too small and they are never just right. The old grid was much bigger than 6x6 and provided the perfect amount of flexibility.
  2. The grid used to position and size windows is square (1:1 ratio), yet my monitor uses a widescreen resolution (16:9 ratio). The old grid matched my widescreen resolution a lot better (8:5).
  3. The grid used to position and size windows is no longer aware of the location of the task bar. As a result when positioning a window anywhere near the bottom of the screen (or wherever you choose to put your task bar), the window is covered up by the task bar. The old grid was aware of the task bar and ensured that windows were always visible and never covered up by the task bar (i.e. if you used Windi to place the window at the bottom of the screen, the window would be placed right above the task bar).
  4. The convenient shortcut CTRL+SHIFT is no longer available. Instead the puzzling ALT+Q shortcut has been choose which one typically associates with closing an application down (Q implies Quit) rather than positioning or sizing its window. There is no way to change the shortcut back to CTRL+SHIFT.

Whether you recognize these as legitimate issues or not, please provide links to older version of this application. I used to be a happy user who recommended this app to everybody. Recently I had to re-image my machine and now I am stuck because I cannot find an older version anywhere (the current release is completely unusable for me).

Jun 13, 2011 at 5:08 PM

For those interested, you can find the old version of this application here