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Windy - enhanced window manager.
windy does window management a breeze.
It started as a windows alternative to divvy, but now it has evolved with into its own. Thanks to the generous feedback from you folks.
whats different from divvy?
- first - its free.
- has divvy like window resizing in all its glory.
- support for multiple monitors. Look below for a howto?
- search between your windows
- snappy UI for advanced window management.
- and most useful is its CommandBar. Command bar can search, run commands, clone processes, kill processes, even explore files.

Multi Mon Support:
We found that multi mon usage with windy is not intuitive. But once the user knows it, it is way faster than anything before. So here is a howto -
lets say you are working with 3 monitors, and you want to move a window from monitor-1 to monitor-3 -
-1. Select the window you want to move in windy
-2. Move your mouse to screen-3 and press the "Control" key. Control key will bring windy to screen-3 and center it.
-3. Now resize by dragging on the resize tiles window, and the window will move to screen-3.
Windy always opens up on the monitor where your mouse is currently in. Cool right? No? let us know.

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